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For standard conveying applications, motan's new METROVAC SG conveying station offers an optimal and inexpensive solution for smaller conveying systems. Consisting of a vacuum blower, a control and a cyclone dust filter, up to 8 hopper loaders can be connected to the PLC control.

The METROVAC SG station is available in various blower sizes between 0.85 and 4.3 kW. Thanks to the maintenance-free blower and in combination with a cyclone dust filter, the station is not only versatile, but can also be easily adapted to the size of your conveying system and expanded if needed.


In order to generate a reliable and constant vacuum, motan's conveying station uses side channel blowers. Especially with short to normal conveying distances, these are ideally suited for placing directly next to the processing machines with low noise.


The FC filters combine cyclone dust separators with a fine dust filter. The transparent dust collector makes removing accumulated dust quick and easy.


When using the optionally available bypass valve, filter cleaning is carried out automatically. Likewise, the filter cartridge is regularly cleaned by implosion air that flows through the cartridge.

For quick and trouble-free material changes, it is also possible to thoroughly clean the material feed lines of any material after each conveying cycle. Among other things, this is particularly important when conveying hygroscopic materials.


The PLC control is robust and user-friendly and is located at an ergonomically comfortable working height. An alarm combination of signal light and horn is already installed as standard. Up to 8 METRO SG HOS hopper loaders, up to 8 METROMIX / DUOMIX proportioning valves and up to 4 line-purging valves can be controlled.



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